Sunday, January 3, 2010

hey guys its been a while and i've got some exciting news. to start off with i just got a job at BIOWARE EA! HAHAHA i wish i love bioware games! but okay the reall news is that i finally finished my video! it's a stopmotion video i made back in 2009 and finally finished it as far as editing and sound effects. if you wish to view it you can find it on either or in the future on on my mom's account. it will be called death on foila by ANIMANSEQ. that's also good news i finally got a youtube account to post my videos! and also on this account i will be posting all sorts of reviews and videos. my stopmotion which i will try keeping this updated by posting scripts that will keep me organized and make every thing you see in them make more sense. second i will be reviewing my collection of star wars action figures that you will or will not see in my videos and if they are i will mention it and or if it is going to be in any up coming videos. and third i will be doing game walkthroughs on it and destroy all humans is coming up so be on the look out for it thanks for reading and i hope you see the stuff i post in the future bye! bye!

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